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Claudia / Salvatrucha / California

"Part of a moon was falling down the west,
dragging the whole sky with it to the hills.
Its light poured softly into her lap."
Robert Frost, “the Death of the Hired Man” (via backshelfpoet)
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Amy Winehouse | Like Smoke ft. Nas

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at first i was like: dude, how big is your cat?!


at first i was like: dude, how big is your cat?!

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Anna ValdezCultivating Domesticity 

Anna Valdez
Cultivating Domesticity


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I watched the movie Enough Said dir. by Helen Holofcener and it was ridiculously funny and it reminded me so much of Jay and I. It just made me think of how we are around each other and our sense of humor… I’m probably meaner than Julie Dreyfus’ character but it was funny because we both even have similar features to the characters. The thing I really hated, sucks, though was the obvious privilege of the characters, everyone was white, kind of rich, Jewish, bougie… one of the supporting characters, Toni Collettes’ character sadly, even has a Latinx maid, Kathy, at least it wasn’t Consuelo or something, but like literally one of Toni Colettes’ biggest issues in life was how the maid put stuff in weird places???? Um okkk. And they were talking about how horrible it is to have to fire them and the guilt and god It just made me feel really uncomfortable. I just wish I could see a movie with more minority representation and they weren’t maids to rich Jews? And it’s based in LA, I mean come on guys open your eyes… It’s really heart breaking because I really enjoyed the film. I LOVE movies in general but all there is to see is a bunch of crackers that I struggle to relate with on everyday life. Of course there are the main things like love, friendship, conflict… But there’s just so many in between differences that DO matter. CULTURE. I mean but why am I even surprised.

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